The Most Effective tip for Success: Start your Day well!


The way we start the day has a strong impact on the rest of our day. Whether we start the day happily or unhappily, it always affects the rest of the day. The way to make most out of a day and be happy is to start the day beautifully. Remember, every day is a new day for the rest of our life. It is like a blank white paper to fill with whatever we want. So starting our day in a positive manner always helps us making most of it and making the day perfect. Here are the most effective tips to help you kick-start your day in a more positive way.

  1. Sleep well: An incomplete sleep keeps us dizzy and makes the start of the day unpleasant. A healthy sleep has positive effects on our health and our daily activities. So sleeping well plays an important role in…

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7 Things To Remember When You Feel Like The World Is Betraying You

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Chepko Danil Vitalevich / ( Chepko Danil Vitalevich / (

1. Burning bridges every time someone disappoints you will make you an island.

This world is a fickle place and you will be let down a lot of times, even by the most unexpected people. You don’t mark one person as bad for that one bad thing they did, because nothing is black or white. We’re all gray and we’re all striving to get to the lightest shade possible. So when people disappoint you, try putting yourself in their shoes in the meantime. And if they were as disappointed as you at themselves for letting you down, maybe that’s a bridge worth saving.

2. Not all people will like you, and that is perfectly OK.

If everyone is willing to plant kisses at your feet, then you are not normal. Our personalities are made in such a way that we’re not compatible with…

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5 Ways To Actually Make Money On The Internet

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You’re on your favorite website, and you’re reading stories about your friends, or you’re shopping for new shoes, or you’re playing the Google Pac-Man game in the office for the millionth time, when you see an ad on the side of the page. “Has science gone too far? Tell us if this picture is real and win $1000!” You laugh to yourself because you’d never be the person who falls for that obvious trick and has your time wasted, or worse, your identity stolen. These annoying ads have caused a lot of us to think there’s no real way to make money on the Internet. However, with a little ingenuity and entrepreneurship, it’s possible to make some great supplementary income on the web.

#1: Forget eBay, sell your stuff on Amazon

At some point, I think a lot of us have tried to make some spare money on eBay…

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The Science Of Self-Esteem

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Edo MedicksEdo Medicks

We’ve all been there.

We spend an hour getting ready. Three days not eating after 8pm. We stand in front of the Evil Mirror and try to squash every little imperfection we see so when we finally make it to that party or that event or that show, we can feel “good” or “sexy” or “confident” – whatever the hell that means.

We put layers on our face so we can hide the way we hate our skin and our insecurities. We straighten and flatten and gloss everything over so we can feel HOT. Then we roll up to the party or whatever like we are fierce and we have our shit together. We have an expectation vs. reality moment.

We know the person we’ve been hoping to run into/internet stalking/instagram liking will be there. We know the person we’re supposed to “network” with will have an…

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How to Cultivate a Burning Desire – An essential ingredient for success


A burning desire to win is the most essential element to succeed in any field. All the achievements in this world are started from this. It is the origin for every single victory humans had ever known.

The desire to conquer the whole world made Alexander the Great one of the most successful military commanders of all time and undefeatable in battle. The desire to fly lead the wright brothers to invent airplane despite of severe discouraging critics.

When desire becomes your obsession, then it will be translated into reality. A desire mixed with faith and perseverance will ultimately lead to success in any field. All our achievements and failures can be thought of as the results of how much we wanted the success.

CC Image Courtesy: Flickr CC Image Courtesy: Flickr

Your goal is only limited by how much you desire for it, how much you are willing to stake every other thing…

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7 Things We All Need To Realize About Mental Illness

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We don’t all have perfect lives. We get what life throws at us. Mental illness is a topic many people have difficulty with. It is not an obvious illness cured by medicine. Most people suffer in silence; unaware of the repercussions it will have as time goes on. Admitting you suffer from a mental illness can be the hardest reality we admit to ourselves. I plastered a fake smile and made jokes to mask the turmoil inside me. From personal experience, I can tell you that hiding will only exacerbate pain until you can no longer control it. Through anger, depression, tears, self-doubt, lies, honesty, and eventually happiness, I was able to come to accept my mental illness. I stopped letting it control me and accepted what I had been struggling with for years. It made me stronger, more confident and sure of myself. Now, I realize my journey…

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